How are people using Referable?

Let's take a look at how Referable can help your candidate sourcing activities.

How are people using Referable?
A new approach to generating high quality referrals

We have been testing and iterating the Referable AI platform over the past year to get it ready for market. We believe that time has come and would like to share some of the ways recruiters can get quick value from Referable.

How can recruiters use the Referable AI platform?

The Referable AI platform allows recruiters to build prospect lists through employee networks, target companies, and matches to specific jobs.

Here are some quick and easy use cases to get value from the platform:

1. Hiring Manager briefings

By showing hiring managers who on the team may know your prospects, recruiters can easily gain support around collaboration. The more employees can help you validate which prospects are viable referral candidates, the faster you build pipeline.

2. Targeting specific companies

The required skills and experience are often found in your competitors or peer companies within your industry. Referable allows you to instantly see who may know who within target companies so recruiters can quickly build high probability prospect lists.

3. Helping your collaborators

You already have at least some collaborators on your side, but they don't always recall, remember or intimately know every single past colleague. Referable prompts collaborators to find more recommendations and referrals than relying solely on memory.

4. Converting your non-collaborators

Just as it helps your existing collaborators, Referable makes collaboration easy for your less than collaborative colleagues. Giving people an easy to view list with a simple set of options makes collaboration easy. We found many of these employees lack the time to meet or go over LinkedIn project lists and that is why we designed the collaboration feature to be so simple and unobtrusive.

5. Checking Leads

Actually this is one that people gravitate to the most. However we believe that if it becomes the norm, it will waste the true value in the Referable AI platform. We weren't even sure to put it in because of this risk. Many users like to come out of LinkedIn Recruiter and check on Referable AI to see if a candidate has any potential connection to existing employees. Of course this lead checking has value, but it is not even close to the full potential found in screening employee's referable networks or matches based on open job requisitions.

6. Pipelining

While we may not hire people immediately, knowing who the top people are in each field of your industry is extremely valuable for pipelining. Referable provides visibility into the talent market, and helps with collaboration to build the talent pool and pipeline for future. If your recruiters are engaging the top-20 people in each business facing role you should be in a great position in terms of pipelines.

Find out more tips on how to get the best out of the platform here.

Referable RPO

We are working hard to automate the heavy lifting, and especially during our initial go to market phase we are offering a service to drive the process and get people comfortable with the platform. Naturally we call this service Referable RPO.

With many years experience in headhunting, onsite RPO recruiting, and managing onsite RPO recruiters, our team can help get you started to prove the value of the platform so that your recruiters can take over in future.

Talk to us today to learn more, see a Demo, or talk about your sourcing challenges.