I'd like to share a few recently completed updates:

1. Pipeline Tab

While the Referrals tab provides a view into candidate lists assigned to employees, we created a Pipeline tab to view Candidates by Status per Job. The Pipeline tab is the primary place for recruiters to collaborate with Hiring Managers, and it is likely that we will produce downloadable reports from this page.

Pipeline can be filtered by a specific Job, by a specific Candidate, or Status, such as Referable (Referral and Recommended candidates), in order to have detailed conversations on the candidates, or Longlist (In Review) or Shorlist to assess whether they are of interest or not.

The Pipeline tab allows recruiters to sit down and hold detailed discussion with Hiring Managers on pipelines for their roles.

By clicking on the referrer's avatar we can view the Employee's Referral History. This affords an opportunity for a conversation with Hiring Managers about which members of the team are particularly collaborative, and which are perhaps not.

Engagement KPIs will be explored further via the Dashboard view but this view gives a quick and simple way for recruiters to gain the Hiring Manager support to nudge "laggards" into action.

Referral History helps recruiters and hiring managers to prompt "laggards" and recognise the top collaborators. 

2. Recently Added Candidate View

Users/recruiters may find high potential profiles and add them to see if there is a match to any existing employees. Those candidates can be found in Recent Candidates via the top-right drop down menu.

We will give users the ability to push these candidates through to the Long List of a specific Job that can then be reviewed with the Hiring Manager via the Pipeline tab. Obviously this will be significant for executive search workflows.

Add new candidate profile(s) for matching against employees.
View recent candidates (matched to employees or unmatched).

3. Assign different Job (to Candidate) in Pipeline

When presenting to the Hiring Manager some high potential candidates may be rejected for one role, but deemed suitable for another. We can now make that change manually. The candidate profile will then be visible when filtering Pipelines by the newly assigned Job.

Example of reassigning a candidate to a more suitable Job.

4. Source by Company, Employee or Job

To conserve real estate on the Top Menu we decided to place sourcing channels - by Company, by Employee, and by Job under one header: Source.

Jobs and Employees are now accessed this way and can be edited.

Source by target Company, an important Job, or with a specific Employee. 

5. Status Clean Up and "Moved to ATS" Status

Adding the Pipeline tab necessitated a clean up in Statuses. The final Status being "Moved to ATS", which effectively closes the processes within the Referable app as the candidate should now be an Applicant, or at least a Prospect that is in communication.

Naturally in due course we will connect to the ATS via an API call so that updates are seamless, and any hires made can also be populated in the Engagement numbers.

"Moved to ATS" status filter, in this case for all Jobs. We can also filter to view the Pipeline for one specific Job.

6. Dashboard Changes

We removed all Talent Intelligence data to focus on Engagement KPIs. We will be expanding this significantly in future with the intention that the Dashboard further enables recruiters or TA leaders to see which Hiring Managers are having success in terms of engagement and results.

This should be powerful visual aide for Hiring Managers to recognise when things are not going well and subsequently motivate their people to help.

View adoption levels within the company, and engagement levels of employees with candidates to review. We will build this out significantly.

7. Japanese Language UI

Starting with the Employee "Review" tab we added Japanese translation of the UI so that prompts are in the most suitable language. The UI will default to the language setting with the users browser setting, and we will roll this out across the app in due course.

The only view of Referable Employees ever see is their Candidate Review list, as per the below redacted example. Feedback from users is very positive on the simplicity and usability of this feature, so we are comfortable with a positive Employee Experience.

Starting with the Candidate Review view seen by employees, we are rolling out Japanese language. 

The Road Map

We have plenty more features to come in the road map and are very excited by user results and the feedback we've been receiving. Stay tuned and if you have not yet seen a demo, please drop me a line to take a look.

We need to change the game!!