When Your Recruiter Leaves...

When Your Recruiter Leaves...

Your Talent IP goes with them. Here are 3 reasons why you should be securing your Talent IP.

1. Lost Productivity

When the owner of a recruiting project leaves then more often than not the momentum gets lost and whatever the IP was stored on is forgotten. Forever.

What a waste.

Having to pick up the pieces from scratch every time is the definition of madness, if not demonstrating a lack of strategic planning from the TA leadership. It all amounts to a significant amount of lost productivity.

(The same is true for when a valuable, collaborative employee leaves: the information they can provide to Talent Mapping goes with them. Again, a wasted opportunity.)

2. Lost Credibility

What is more frustrating is that for the team - other employees - they absolutely hate having to provide an "assist" to the new recruiter who comes in to rebuild. They've already done it and they just want to get on with their job. To the rest of the company the TA team looks disorganised... because they are.

It depends on the culture of course, but nice employees may meet the new recruiter once or twice out of courtesy (or because their boss requested), yet it's unlikely they will remain highly collaborative allies to the recruiting team.  

3. Security & Compliance

Taking private information is illegal. If your Talent Map is on a spreadsheet that can be easily copied, you are putting yourself at risk. It's that simple.

There are more reasons that we could explore and the sooner you lock in your Talent IP, the better for everyone.

Feel free to reach out if you or one of your RPO clients has issues with talent mapping or their referral program. We can help.